Criminal and Civil Aspects in the Bullying Case Against Children

There are some questions about Bullying which are still somewhat propped up in my mind, the question as follows is more leaning to the Ranah law where Bullying In Children? Criminal or Civil? In general, the term bullying is synonymous with acts of violence against children that occur in schools. In the context of bullying in schools, Riausika, Djuwita, and Soesetio define bullying as an aggressive behavior perpetrated over and over by a person/group of students who have power, against other weaker students, in order to harm the person. Physical bullying, including acts: slapping, poking, stepping on a foot, tackling, spitting, yapping, throwing with goods, and punishing by running around the field or push-ups. Bullying verbally, detected by being caught by the sense of hearing, such as cursing, humiliating, dubbing, shouting, embarrassing in public, accusing, spreading gossip and spreading slander. Bullying mental or psychological, is the most dangerous bullying type because the bullying of this form directly affects the mental or psychological victim, not caught the eye or hearing, such as looking cynical, terrorizing through messages or SMS, embarrassing, and sneering. When the law goes with a minor, your child can be granted fort lauderdale bail bond.

fort lauderdale bail bonds will have their own standards but most of you can expect them to receive various forms of collateral. After the defendant is arrested again, the bond can be released and your responsibility will be terminated. Violence is “every act against the Son resulting in physical, psychological, sexual, and/or neglect of misery or suffering, including the threat of unlawful conduct, coercion, or deprivation of liberty.” Any act which violates the law and brings harm to another person requires the person who caused the loss of his / her fault to replace the loss. In principle, all elements of society, whether State, Government, Local Government, Community, Family, and Parent or Guardian, are obliged and responsible to provide protection and guarantee the fulfillment of the rights of the Child in accordance with their duties and responsibilities.