The right timing to recharge your phone’s battery

You could say the battery is one important component of the smartphone. Without the battery, then there is no power support for your smartphone can still be used chat, Instagram or just photographs exist. Unfortunately, although one of the important components was not many people are aware and understand very well how to care for batteries. So not infrequently, just a few months used smartphone batteries so quickly exhausted that must really wasteful. It’s true that there can be reliable cell phone charging lockers in the public places, but you still need to know the right moments to charge your phone safely.

┬áit turns out to charge the battery charging can’t be done recklessly. There are certain times that actually fit to recharge the battery of your favorite gadget.

So, if you want to charge your bun then make sure that the rest of the smartphone battery power is nearing or at least 10 percent. Remaining battery power at 10 percent is claimed to absorb more power faster when recharged, so the charging process is reported to be about 15 to 30 percent faster.

Do not wait until it runs out of power

The habits of people today is to let the smartphone battery is completely empty aka reach the 0%, then the screen gets dark. Well, this habit is quite dangerous.

You see, allowing the battery to zero it can make smartphones quickly damaged and of course the power of your smartphone decreased. So, do not be surprised if you still often let the battery power to zero then your battery strength gets knocked out, even though your smartphone is actually new.

Charging when the smartphone battery is still 50 percent, it is just as dangerous when you charge in the state of an empty battery. The power when it’s still 50 percent turns out to be just as dangerous when you charge in an empty battery state. This is due to the mechanism of the battery charging of the smartphone itself