Saturated with your Work? It’s a Habit that Will Make You More Productive!

The average person in Asia Pacific spends more than 6 hours at work. Meanwhile, they are required to have a stable working morale. How to? To stay productive, must start the day correctly. The way you open your day in the morning will impact the mood and spirit to work with the maximum. If in the morning you are not in the mood, how to be productive throughout the day? Healthy breakfast. Those are some of the reasons why many people skip breakfast. In fact, breakfast is most important. People who are used to breakfast before the activity rarely suffers from obesity, their sugar levels are stable, and certainly more powerful to work all day. So, do not forget the breakfast. Keep always on time. It’s good for your mental training! Coming late does not just make your performance in the workplace decrease, but your mood will decrease! It’s even worse if you are reprimanded by your boss for being late. Surely you do not want it, breakfast lectures from the boss, especially in front of other co-workers. So coming early will keep you away from the noisy commotion. Make sure also the job you choose is very commensurate with your capabilities and appeal. Have your dream jobs on our website for those of you who live in Nigeria and beyond!

Respiratory exercises let your burden decrease slightly. When you arrive at your desk, do not rush to the computer. Sit down first, find the position that is most comfortable for you, Then breathe deeply and exhale. Forget the congestion you’re facing on the go or an unfinished home problem. In this way, you can reduce stress and focus more work. Perform simple stretches during breaks in the office. Spend your time for a few simple moves like stretching the muscles or the way around the office. This will loosen your tense muscles and improve blood circulation. Because you will be sitting in chairs for hours, those movements will make you more relaxed while working.

Evaluation of work yesterday; “oh my fault is here”, “oh, I should be better than yesterday!” Evaluating what you have done yesterday is very important. So when your project is done you can move on to another project conveniently. Whatever happened yesterday, leave and start a new day with a fresh mind. Make a to-do-list for all your activities neatly arranged. Take time to chit-chat for a while. Talking beautifully with colleagues while drinking coffee will help you relax before returning to the pile of ocean work. Come on, start applying these tips and feel the change!