Equipment Used For Internet Access

As we know that today the internet is a thing that cannot be released in everyday life. It is starting from urban communities to communities in remote areas to make the internet as a tool in communicating . Therefore, some devices connect to the internet!

1. Satellite
Satellite Internet is also called a transponder that relays signals from one terminal to another. Commonly used satellites are GEO satellites (Geostationary Earth Orbiting). Satellite Internet is usually utilizing at remote area, therefore it is also called as internet desa.

2. Modulator-demodulator
Modem works to convert analog waves into digital signals and instead convert digital signals into analog waves from telephone cables so that computers can be connected to the internet. The computer works only with digital numbers, the waves on the telephone network are analog waves, to be able to by the receiving computer the wave is converted into a digital signal by the modem. Conversely when the computer works with digital numbers and when data is sent to other users on the internet, the digital signal will be converted to analog wave by modem. For Personal Computer (PC), usually, use a dial-up modem connected to the phone line. Physically, a dial-up modem is divided into two internal modems installed inside the computer on the available expansion slot and an external modem installed using a communication or serial cable. Modem speed is calculated in kbps (kilobits per second). The internal modem has the speed to download 56 kbps information. In the use of dial-up access, when the computer is connected to the ISP server, the subscriber will be charged for the telephone call charges plus the ISP service which varies according to the length of the connection.