Immediate Debt and Do not Forget Setting up Emergency Funds

So how do we prepare the pension fund? Is it enough with savings and investments? Savings are only suitable for emergency funds, if the purpose is to prepare the pension fund, then the solution is an investment. Many people fail to invest just because they are greedy, gullible persuasion investments with reciprocity out of the ordinary, or impatient in following the right investment stages. Whatever the investment remains is a step that must be done for the preparation of pension funds. For long-term preparation, many financial experts advise on investing in mutual funds. There are several types of mutual funds in accordance with the risk profile ranging from equity funds, mixes, and fixed income, one of which can provide comfort to you in retirement is

Life without debt seems to have started rarely found. Whatever the form of debt seems to be part of the modern lifestyle. One of them in the form of credit cards. Uncontrolled debt can be part of our financial carelessness in the past and will certainly make us pay back the debt in the present. If we have debt, it would be nice if we immediately pay off the debt. Debt whose large interest will undermine our income regularly. So, there is no harm in paying off debt when we are having excessive income.