Milk Is Not Enough To Protect Bones, Then How?

Often times we hear advice, that for strong bones we should use calcium supplements and diligently drink milk. But recent research denied this. People who consume a lot of calcium in the diet, which is mostly from dairy products, do have a greater bone density. But that does not mean they have fewer fractures or fractures, according to a new study.

The study says people aged over 50 years will not get stronger bones simply by eating supplements or eating foods rich sources of calcium such as dairy products. Taking calcium supplements alone for bone is useless that there is a dangerous possibility. Extra calcium that enters the body does not make the bones stronger but instead can settle in the arteries, causing heart disease.

Most studies show that people over the age of 50 receive no benefit at all from consuming calcium or eating calcium-rich foods. They still had a bone fracture. Daily calcium intake is not associated with a risk of bone fracture and no clinical trials have shown that an increase in calcium intake from daily food will prevent bone fracture. While evidence that calcium supplements can prevent fractures is also weak and inconsistent.

Because basically, vitamin D is enough for humans to help the body absorb calcium. It can be obtained from sunlight that helps the body to produce its own vitamin D. In vitamin D foods can be obtained from several types of foods such as orange juice, dairy products and some types of fish. In addition, consultation with a bone doctor is also necessary to ensure that the elderly have a strong body to support the body in order to get the right intake. One of the hospitals recommended is fortis bangalore, in addition to already many awards are obtained, the experts there are also very concerned about it so it can be ascertained that the patient can be resolved properly.

In fact, some studies have found that people who drink more milk experience more fractures and die faster than people who drink less milk. And a number of other studies have also shown that getting extra calcium from supplements can also be harmful.