Understanding the Tooth Abrasion

Teeth are one of the most important parts of the body. It is useful for chewing food, smooth the food we want to swallow for easy to digest. Like other limbs, teeth often experience some problems such as a toothache due to growing gums, or due to cavities. In addition to the problems that everyone often faces, there are also dental problems that may be rarely heard and often experienced but will not know the name. The tooth disease is called tooth abrasion. Visit Website of our dentist to get the best treatment.

Simply, tooth abrasion is a condition in which the tooth undergoes mechanical removal process. When this tooth abrasion occurs, the structure of the email becomes damaged and if the damage is more severe, can enter up to the dentin.

This tooth abrasion certainly does not happen naturally. But there are some things that cause your teeth to erode. Here are some causes of tooth abrasion.

– Brush your teeth firmly.
– Biting hard objects.
– Braces too gripped.
– The habit of wearing a toothpick is too sharp.
– The use of wrong toothpaste.