Excessive weightlifting can be dangerous

The gym is the choice of many people to exercise. Because the gym offers so many facilities and sports equipment that you can try for the achievement of dreams have an ideal body shape. The gym is also armed by a team of personal trainers who are experts in their field to help you achieve that dream. But make no mistake. Exercising at the gym can be a master weapon for the health of the body if you do wrong. Some exercise habits in the gym can unwittingly put you at greater risk of injury. What are the most common causes of injury at the gym? Aside from that, you may also need to read Trenerol review, due to this supplement is highly recommended.

Maybe you want to rush to increase the weight of the load in order to more quickly form the arm muscle. But lifting weights that are too heavy beyond the limits of body tolerance can cause muscles to tighten or even tear, to injure the back, shoulders, shoulders, and knees. The heavy iron load also puts you at risk of unconsciously swinging the load onto the floor instead of being dropped slowly, leaving you with a loss of balance control or even stumbling over you. In the end, in addition to reducing the effectiveness of this exercise can also cause injury.

According to the guidelines for exercising muscle strength from the American College of Sports Medicine, you should lift weights that weigh about 60 to 70 percent of the heaviest loads you can still lift in a single lift. For example, you can lift a 6 kilogram (kg) dumbbell in one hand without losing balance. While the weight of 9 kg is too heavy for you to lift. Well, count 60 or 70 percent of 6 kg. Because 60 percent of 6 kg is 3.6 kg and 70 percent of 6 kg is 4.2 kg then you can lift the load in one hand weighing 3.6 to 4.2 kg.

If you have trouble calculating the formula or want to try it yourself, there is a way that can be done. We recommend that you select the weight of the load that you can lift as much as eight to twelve repetitions without feeling overheated or exhausted.