In Addition to Narcotics, These Things Can Also Cause Hallucinations

Hallucinations can be caused by some things. One is the use of illicit drugs. However, to treat someone who has been addicted to these illegal drugs, there is one plant that can be the cure. Ayahuasca, plants from the Amazon was able to help the drug addicts to stop using it. For more about ayahuasca can be seen at You will find other interesting facts from the plant. The plant was not just given a hallucinatory effect on the users, but also makes users feel calm and can accept the reality they are facing.

However, hallucinations are also not caused by this plants, but there are many causes, such as

1. Alcohol, the nature of this drink in the body is the same as taking drugs. Alcohol should only be used in the medical world with the best doses and treatments by doctors.

2. Depression, this is a person’s psychological condition that bias is disturbed for one reason or another. The bias of depression is triggered by feelings of sadness, disappointment, anger and other uneasy feelings.

3. Fatigue, someone who has a lot of activity and experience a great sense of fatigue can also be exposed to hallucinations. At times like this, people just need to take a rest for a while, like sleeping.