Inventors: Invention: Patent #:
Sarah Boone Ironing Board 473,653
C. B. Brooks Street Sweeper 556,711
Brooks, Hallstead and Page Street Sweeper 558,719
L. F. Brooks Bridle Bit (Improvement) 484,994
Brown & Latimer Water closets for railway cars 147,363
J. A. Burr Lawn Mower 624,749
Burridge and Marshman Typewriter (Improvement) 315,586
W. S. Campbell Self-setting animal trap 246,369
B. F. Cargill Invalid cot 629,658
T. A. Carrington Range 180,323
W. C. Carter Umbrella Stand 323,397
M. A. Cherry Velocipede 382,351
M. A. Cherry Street Car Fender 531,908
G. Cook Automatic Fishing Device 625,829
A. L. Cralle Ice-Cream Mold 576,395
W. D. Davis Riding Saddles 568,939
W. R. Davis, Jr. Library Table 208,378
O. Dorsey Door-Holding Device 210,764
P. B. Downing Letter Box 462,093
P. B. Downing Street Letter Box 462,096
D. C. Fisher Furniture Castor 174,794
Sarah E. Goode Folding Cabinet Bed 322,177
M. C. Gourdine Electrogas Dynamic Mtg & Apparatus 3,449,667
G. F. Grant Golf Tee 638,920
W. Grant Curtain Rod Support 565,075
Michael Harney Lantern (Improvement) 303,844
John Hunter Portable Scale 750,553
B. F. Jackson Gas Burner 622,482
D. Johnson Lawn Mower Attachment 410,836
D. Johnson Grass Receivers (for Lawn Mowers) 429,629
I. R. Johnson Bicycle Frame 634,823
P. Johnson Eye Protector 234,039
W. Johnson Egg Beater 292,821
F. M. Jones Two-cycle Gasoline Engine 2,523,273
F. M. Jones Starter Generator 2,475,842
Jones and Long Caps for Bottles 610,715
Percy L. Julian Preparation of Cortisone 2,752,339
P. Julian et. Al Recovery of Sterols 2,718,971
L. H. Latimore Electric Lamp 247.097
L. H. Latimore Lamp Fixture 968,787
L. H. Latimore Manufacturing Carbons 252,386
L. H. Latimore Apparatus for Cooling/Disinfecting 334,078
F. W. Lewis Envelope Seal 590,325
J. L. Love Pencil Sharpener 594,114
T. J. Marshall Fire Extinguisher (Improvement) 125,063
W. Marshall Grain Binder 341,599
W. A. Marshall Lock 407,738
W. A. Marshall Lock 443,945
E. McCoy Lawn Sprinkler Design 631,549
E. McCoy Lubricator Attachment 361,435
E. McCoy Lubricator for Safety Valve 363,529
J. F. Pickering Air Ship 643,975
H. Pickett Scaffold 152,511
Purdy & Sadgwar Folding Chair 405,117
W. B. Purvis Hand Stamp 273,149
W. B. Purvis Fountain 419,065
L. P. Ray Dust Pan 587,607
A. C. Richardson Disposable Bottle 638,811
S. R. Scottron Curtain Rod 481,720
Joseph H. Smith Lawn Sprinkler (Improvement) 581,785
R. B. Spikes Automatic Gear Shift 1,889,814
J. Standard Oil Stove 413,689
J. Standard Refrigerator 455,891
T. W. Stewart Mop 499,402
J. T. White Lemon Squeezer 572,849
G. T. Woods Telephone Transmitter 308,176
G. T. Woods Railway Telegraphy 373,383
G. T. Woods Galvanic Battery 387,839
G. T. Woods Electronic Railway System 463,020
G. T. Woods Amusement Apparatus 639,692


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