Here are the Top Choices to Make Your Audience Laugh

Getting people to laugh is not an easy thing to do. The first question that comes to mind is “What should I tell you?” Therefore, many people still think that to make audiences laugh at a presentation that means they have to be funny speaker who are good at finding, memorizing and delivering jokes-jokes.

But basically, it’s an easy thing. You can use Self Deprecating Humor to keep your audience entertained with your jokes. Self-deprecating humor is a joking humor about the failure, foolishness or embarrassing things you’ve ever experienced. I can personally say that this is the best topic to make an audience laugh while connecting with you as a speaker.

Here are some subtopic guides that you can use to find self-deprecating humor in yourself!

1. Flaw
The flaw is telling about the imperfection that is in you. Good news for those of you who may be overweight, bald or bald-faced hair. Here is your chance to comment or tell about these things. Audiences like the presenters who do not mind and even can laugh at their own weaknesses.

2. Failure
Failure is telling you about a failure you’ve ever experienced. Here you can tell about your experience of being denied a potential girlfriend, scolded by superiors or going bankrupt. You can adjust to the topic you are delivering. In telling a failure, do not use a depressed and desperate point of view. Precisely look at these things as a lesson and funny things that you can laugh now.

3. First time
The first time is your first experience doing something. The first time you do something usually you are still confused, failed or made a mistake. This is especially true when you teach something to the person who is still learning first. For example, I always tell my first experience to learn the presentation (which is still sprayed and blank continues) to the trainees. They can laugh and realize that everything can be learned.

4. Frustration
Frustration is the story of what is the source of your turmoil, your confusion, and frustration. By this you also show the audience that you are not a perfect person, you also have a sense of frustration and anxiety (just like a natural audience).

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