Creating a Blog Name Is Not Easy, You Need To Know These Things

If you are a blogger definitely will not make your blog name with strange names and can not be understood many people. This is because the name becomes important in search engines. If someone searches the name of your blog or content that is on your blog, they will not open a blog with a name that can not be read. SEO jug will be very helpful if your blog name is not difficult and can be read many people. Seattle search optimization agency is also an important thing that you are not wrong in choosing an agency to optimize SEO in accordance with your blog. Why? Because an SEO will help you to increase your brand and reach the target market you want.

To create a blog name that can be improved through SEO, then there are some things you need to avoid:

1. Strange Name, if the name you give on your blog is strange, so do not be surprised if your blog readers the number does not increase. If your blog content does not have a theme, then you better use your personal name to be the name of your blog.

2. Difficult Name, the number of your blog readers will not increase if you use a difficult name and cannot be remembered. If your blog name is easy to remember, then readers will read your blog repeatedly.

3. Not Seeing Traffic, you create a blog name and do not see how much traffic can appear on the same keyword. You need to do research so this does not happen. You want to have a large number of readers, right?

4. Do not Use Numbers, it’s good you do not use numbers in the name of your blog. This is to avoid writing names when someone searches for the keywords you provide.

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